WHY? Because it’s good for you.


 WHY? - Alopecia

WHY? – Alopecia Track Listing:
1.    The Vowels Pt.
2.    Good Friday
3.    These Few Presidents
4.    The Hollows
5.    Song of the Sad Assassin
6.    Gnashville
7.    Fatalist Palmistry
8.    The Fall of Mr. Fifths
9.    Brook & Waxing
10.    A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
11.    Twenty Eight
12.    Simeon’s Dilemma
13.    By Torpedo or Crohn’s
14.    Exegesis

WHY? Just released Alopecia (off of Anticon). It’s already been suggested as being a top album of 2008. Keep in mind, it’s March. Best way to describe it: Jangle-Rap and indie Pop. The lyrics are sung through speaking. Yoni Wolf’s has a dry sense of humor and solid rhymes which is translated well with the help of their strange choice of “instruments”. My favorite song, and best example is  “The Vowels Pt. 2” they use a chain beating, the floor or something. It steady, strong and unique. All in all, it’s good so don’t go losing your hair over it (get it? That’s what Alopecia is!)
Take a listen to: A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under !

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