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The album kicks off with a sound beat with the song “Pants”. However that song and the album never really picks up in tempo or intricacy. Even the female/male lyrics don’t even deliver, there’s no banter, no conversation. And it’s a shame because the vocals could be so lovely. The music does not compliment the […]

Jonathan Richman – Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild (Vapor) I’m a huge fan in case you didn’t notice my first post. So it’s accurate to say that I was pumped when he came back with another album. He’s still the good old Jonathan as I’ve grown to know through his music. His styling […]

Thee Oh Sees – The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In (Tomlab) The Magnetic Field’s Distortion distorted pop; the Raveonettes’ Lust Lust Lust distorted prog rock and rock; now Thee Oh Sees distorted early punk rock, they did it well… but… they are just the next band in line with this emerging trend. […]

Today it’s Silicon Graffiti, a compilation with music from Circuitree and Catalog Records. Silicon Graffiti deserves that name. It’s “silicon” because it is all electonic and manufactured; it’s “graffiti” by being loud, noisy, messy and “unpredictable” and I guess “artfully created”? Either way, I couldn’t dig it.

Various Artists – Wait Til The Ice Melts (Exponential) Here is something interesting a compilation of electronic music from… TEXAS?? And surprisingly it doesn’t suck! In fact, it was enjoyable and unexpected. It has a healthy mix of sounds, each track varies, without sounding the exactly the same. And because it’s electronic compilation, it passes […]

(brought to you by Sleazetone Records) Just look at the cover. LOOK AT IT. Are you creeped out? Intrigued? Homophobic? Well good. That’s exactly what SSION (as in mission with out the “meh”) was going for. For serials, this band’s goal was to make the gayiest record ever. But then they realized pop “trumped” gay […]

What’s wrong with a little shameless promoting here and there? As some of you might know, I have a job promoting a film competition, right here, in New York! And if you don’t know about it, it’s pretty cool and it’s one of those things “that people do on weekends” (like freezing in Grand Central, […]

Hey loyal readers ? I’m enjoying my spring break at home. So come back next week for more reviews and other tidbits. The only thing I think I can review fairly is HBO’s John Adams miniseries. Part 1 (Join Or Die) and Part 2 (Independence) aired this past Sunday on HBO. Basically, disappointing. I thought […]

Track Listing: 1. Story of the Last Pilgrim and Indian 2. I Saw The Light 3. Ghost King pt. 1 4. The Hollerin’ Mountains 5. Cathedral Tunes 6. A Voice As Old As Fire 7. An Accident In The Woods 8. Streams Of Light 9. The Golden Glowing Mask 10. What All The Racket In […]

Yes, yes it is true. I did not see that coming. These indie sweethearts finished off their set in Austin this year with Fugazi’s Waiting Room. They even seemed to mock Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto’s vocal stylings. Who would have thought a Brooklyn light-hearted indie band would ever listen to or cover a D.I.Y. […]