New Mountain Goats’ Album Swims Up With “Autoclave”


The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride

I saw the Mountain Goats just a few months ago in October at Studio B with a very good friend of mine, Caroline. It was a pretty great show. John Darnielle, the songwriter and lead vocals of the Mountain Goats entertained the crowd with his well-known banter and ended with an encore of “I Saw The Sign” by Ace of Base. Although, I thought the audience kinda sucked and reminded me of the same scene I’d imagine to be cheering on DMB, the music continued to speak for itself and I was glad I could go.

So what? This is old news. Wrong. They have a new album (Heretic Pride from 4AD) coming out. And in that show they played a new song called “Autoclave”. John told us that autoclave is that liquid stuff that nothing can live or survive in. Well, so they thought. Scientists found that yes; one creature can live there. And even though I was at a music show, I ended up attending a short science class. So point? Well, the new single has a line that says “my heart’s an autoclave” and it was inspired by this new scientific advancement.

“Autoclave” is obviously written well and shares their well known theme of loneliness. (Which isn’t that big of a surprise since their 2006 album was called “Get Lonely”.) The chorus is “I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam; and no one in her right mind will make my home my home. My heart’s an autoclave.” It has a great hook along with instruments that will be probably be played live by near strangers (such as a keyboard, drums, and female vocals).

Without a doubt, if you like the Mountain Goats, this is a great song to get you excited for their album. If you are new to the Mountain Goats, “Seed Song” from Protein Source of the Future… Now! or “This Year” of The Sunset Tree will be best.

The Mountain Goats – Autoclave
Take a listen, tell me what you think. I like dialogue.


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