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After about a year of hearing about it, it was finally released. Last night, I went to go see Be Kind, Rewind, the new Michel Gondry film. I was relieved that it wasn’t all fluffy clouds floating in the air (as in The Science of Sleep) or time confusing (like in Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind). But maybe, that is what I wanted?

Without a doubt this is his most commercial film yet. Without his unique post-production style, it left the whole film kind of boring. The beginning was slow, the end resolution, was quite unresolved. Overall, it was very family-friendly, thus being very commercial. Any director, even David Schwimmer (the Friend’s actor and director of “Run, Fat Boy, Run”), could have done it

Another issue I have is it also seemed the creators took out important or interesting content to make it easier to shoot or to avoid more plot holes. An example would be when Black’s character, Jerry, loses his magnetization as quickly as it came. The director now did not have to make sure Jerry would always have to react to metal. Another disappointing shortcut was the montage of all the movies they “sweded”. Although the montage was good, I was expecting to see more of the “sweded” movies than what was actually seen. That is why the making of Ghostbusters was the funniest part.

Another issue: Race. I thought they brought up the issue of race (when dealing with Driving Ms. Daisy, and when casting Fats Waller) with out resolving it or making it funny. Instead, it made that issue and intended commentary awkward and dry.

There are three positives. First, Mos Def. (period.) He was great, he had his laid back attitude, this innocence and brought a new character alive. When he was mad but didn’t want to be, you felt it and understood why. (Also a side-note, originally Dave Chappelle was cast to play that role.) Secondly, it was easy to watch and follow; on the flip side it was boring with no surprises. Lastly, it was a decent length movie. On the other hand, they cut out or shortened parts that could have made it more interesting, such as the aforementioned short-lived magnetization, the montage of the re-made movies, along with a potential love-interest.

So what bothered me the most??
It’s either:
A. Undeveloped subplots
B. Or, lack of depth/being so straightforward.


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