The Mae Shi – Hlllyh (Team Shi)

The Mae Shi - Hllyh

Track Listing:
1. Lamb And The Lion
2. Pwnd
3. Boys In The Attic
4. 7xx7
5. The Melody
6. Leech And Locust
7. Run To Your Grave
8. Kingdom Come
9. I Get Almost Everything
10. Party Politics
11. Young Marks
12. Book of Numbers
13. Hllyh
14. Divine Harvest

It’s all about The Mae Shi today and their album Hlllyh. It’s refreshing, its fun, its annoyingly good. It’s a good different from their previous albums, especially from 2004’s Terrorbird. It still has a very heavy beat, but less noise and more congruent. Hlllyh is obviously a concept album based on the track titles. The band uses the album to speak, yell and sing their mind about our political stance, religion and holy wars.

Let’s start with the album’s most praised song, “Run To Your Grave”; it’s a genuine pop song. It’s enjoyable, catchy, and still dark. The track is a surprise next to the other tracks on the album it fits but can stand solidly on it’s own. The drum roll in the middle leads to a Sugarcult kind of high-school cheery break.

Here comes my Hot Chip reference: the 11+ minute song, “Kingdom Come” is better than Hot Chip. It’s more aggressive, harder and still similarly melodic. Usually length is a turn off for me as a listener. But this track moves segment to segment and is virtually lyric-less.

“I Get Almost Everything” is another anthem type song in lyrics if not sound. It does not say the actually meaning but relating it to the bible-vamped style, and the following track “Party Politics”, you can probably figure out their implications.

“Young Marks” which is about holy wars and their lyrically positive or sarcastic view justifying war based on religion in the line “your war is noble and divine”. The album slides into a slower side with “Book Of Numbers” (the 4th Book of the Torah) that features an accordion.

“Hlllyh” is next. It’s an anthem of sorts. To me, it’s a little Andrew WK in the best way possible. It brings the party. The album switches moods one last time. Ending off with a sweet alt-country track, “Divine Harvest”, the album moves again farther from their noise background as they end on this semi-sweet track.

Just this album gives me something to be excited for. Last week’s choices were a let down, but it’s because I overlooked The Mae Shi.


One Response to “Hlllyh.”

  1. 1 mixtapemix

    speaking of mar mitzvahs, winds of plague could certainly cause an old fogie to have a heart attack.


    “On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 11:09 AM, saraknee left a new comment on your post “The Mae Shi – HLLLYH”:

    I love love love The Mae Shi. I’m glad they are back with a more “listenable” sound. Terrorbird was more noise than pop.

    And I don’t know about you, but if I had gotten them to play at my bat-mitzvah, I bet my parents would have flipped and maybe some older relatives would have had a heart attacks.”

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