Trip to China And Top of Choices


Hey loyal readers.
Psht, all right maybe not so loyal, regardless, you’re here. So let’s begin

Today, I’ve decided and laid down the dough. I’m now going to China. I already know what I am going to listen to when I step off the plane. It’s going to be “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, even though most of my time will be spent in Shanghai. I mean c’mon, Yen is a national currency.

So far I only have 5 cds to listen to this week. So I’ll be keeping you posted on what I like and what I don’t like. Last week, it was a disappointing selection. Below are all of the albums that made the cut and a short description. Just for some background information, I write these paragraphs for my DJs at the radio station. I just want to give them an idea of what they are about to listen to on air, instead of playing crap, which still happens on the lazy DJ’s shows.

Panther - 14kt God
Panther – 14kt God (Kill Rock Stars)
Spastic Funk. That sums it up. The singers voice is very high and screechy sounding but that makes it cool, right? The strong rhythmic beats keep the vocals in check and compliments the subtle electronic and cello instrumentals. It soars, and it roars and it’s a progressive rock James Brown electrified. (May he rest in peace.)

Team Genius - Hooray EP
Team Genius – Hooray EP (Self-Released)
They are charming. They are cheery, upbeat, and energetic pop music. The lyrics are simple, smart and sincere. If you are bummed out by the cold winter, their geeky, slightly-Weezer-esque sound will make summer feel that much closer.

Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies
Cadence Weapon – Afterparty Babies (Upper Class/ANTI)
Electro-Techno-Hip-Hop. Just as sharp as Fatlip and Busdriver, Cadence Weapon is a hip hop champ. He throws down smart rhymes (that don’t rhyme, but have make all the right pop references) with clean beats. It’s the kind of stuff you hear when you crash house parties spun by unknown DJs. Hes only 21 and his real name is Rollie Pemberton. I’d change my name too, Rollie.

Team Genius - Hooray EP

The Billionaires – Really Real for Forever
Talk about a feel good album. Kind of like Mates of State and some Strokes. They are the definition of light indie pop. The sweet female-male harmonizing will definitely will make you reminisce about high school and the days of ole’ (especially of «80s Movies»). Sounds like a re-vamped Grease soundtrack. My pick is: “Pass the Bottle” is upbeat dancey mock-rock scene kind of stuff.

City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love

City and Colour – Bring Me Your Love (Vagrant)
Do you know who Dallas Green is? One of the singers from Alexisonfire? Yes, he is. But this is his acoustic project. So Iron and Wine, sit down and listen. I’m not usually a fan of really really pretty vocals or perfect pitch singers, but he had a right to leave his sceamo-esque band behind for this album.

Beach House - Devotion
Beach House – Devotion (Carpark Records)
Lo-fi musicians, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, are back with their sophmore album. Vicky is comparable to Nico (from the Velvet Underground). Simple, dreamy vocal stylings with a hush-hush instrumentals provided by Alex, the guitarist and keyboardist

But stick around, I may be further reviewing one of these albums or a newer album later this week.


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