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Beat Pyramid.


Track Listing: 1. … Ce I Will Say This Voice 2. Numerology (Aka Numbers)** 3. Colours** 4. Swords of Truth** 5. Doppelganger 6. C. 16th ±** 7. Infinity Ytinifni 8. Elvis ** 9. £4 10. Mkk3 11. 4 12. Navigate-Colours 13. H. 14. Costume 15. I Will Say This Twi… I cannot tell you specifically […]

So I got The Dodo’s album’s “Visiters”. The album cover gave me somewhat false hopes. (Sadly, I could not find a picture of it.) I was hoping to hear children, like Eyeball Skeleton, but no, it’s a folk-pop indie band made up of full-grown men (with some female vocals scattered among the different tracks). Don’t […]

I saw the Mountain Goats just a few months ago in October at Studio B with a very good friend of mine, Caroline. It was a pretty great show. John Darnielle, the songwriter and lead vocals of the Mountain Goats entertained the crowd with his well-known banter and ended with an encore of “I Saw […]

The Death Set released two of their singles in a new EP titled MFDS, which is the promotional form of their first upcoming full length, Worldwide.Now, they have released “Negative Thinking” before off of one of their EPs, but hey it’s still good. “Around The World” is the second release. And yeah, they take it […]

Be Kind Rewind


After about a year of hearing about it, it was finally released. Last night, I went to go see Be Kind, Rewind, the new Michel Gondry film. I was relieved that it wasn’t all fluffy clouds floating in the air (as in The Science of Sleep) or time confusing (like in Eternal Sunshine of The […]



The Mae Shi – Hlllyh (Team Shi) Track Listing: 1. Lamb And The Lion 2. Pwnd 3. Boys In The Attic 4. 7xx7 5. The Melody 6. Leech And Locust 7. Run To Your Grave 8. Kingdom Come 9. I Get Almost Everything 10. Party Politics 11. Young Marks 12. Book of Numbers 13. Hllyh […]

Hey loyal readers. Psht, all right maybe not so loyal, regardless, you’re here. So let’s begin Today, I’ve decided and laid down the dough. I’m now going to China. I already know what I am going to listen to when I step off the plane. It’s going to be “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and […]

[ ?posts_id=684298&dest=-1] This video was created by combining other Blip users videos, editing them and placing them to music. Original videos are from the following users: Bonerbolts, Diabloly, Himiekala, I4U, Toasterdance. Music is “Bump In The Day” by Best Fwends. Editing done by Sara Knee.

Now I can’t promise that there will be an artist of the week every week, but this week it’s Jonathan Richman. Yeah I know he’s not new, but I rediscovered him and really thought about his work. Now, I don’t have every album ever by him, but the songs I do I have I greatly […]